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Class of February 2023

The Class of February 2023 is currently in the second phase of the course, and have started working on the class boats:

20′ stitch & glue motor cruiser designed by Sam Devlin – Oisin Conway

16’6″ carvel Gorran Haven Crabber – Richard Pisani

Charlie B

Charlie comes from the Isles of Scilly. He loves sport, especially football. He aims for a career working onboard super yachts so he can travel whilst getting paid. He would then like to move back home and build gigs for a living. Charlie came to BBA to learn new techniques and also the ability to build boats.

Oisin C

Oisin has spent the last 14 years in the UK. Originally from Galway, Ireland, he had a childhood spent around boats. With a career as a deck officer in the Merchant Navy, it led Oisin to pursue a personal interest in boat building at the academy. He aims to enter this industry professionally following the course.

Bill P

Bill is a retired engineer and project manager from America. He has always been interested in carpentry and working with his hands. He found the Boat Building Academy on Youtube and decided to have a go at it, with the end goal of building a Mackenzie River Boat.

Joe C

Joe has always had something to do with timber and boats. It was only recently that he realised that a career could be made involving both. “This course was a no brainer for me”.

Sam S

Sam has always been interested in woodwork but found that cabinetry was a bit limited, so of course boats seemed like the perfect alternative. He knew that he didn’t want to go to university so he floated around a few jobs before discovering the BBA after speaking to a past student. “I don’t know where it will take me but that’s part of the fun of boats!”

Richard P

Richard joined the BBA as part of a personal journey, that ticks both practical, emotional and spiritual boxes. “I want to learn a trade that uses my hands, my intuition, my eye. To turn wood into useful creations that move people, literally and figuratively. Its a superpower, there’s no question.

“Wooden boats are special. “No such thing as an ugly wooden boat” they say. They’re evocative, however which way you cut it. They represent human ingenuity and evolution. They’re a womb-like cocoon of safety- designed to get the occupants to their destination in one piece. So from a personal/spiritual perspective, building that representation of shelter from the storm is a powerful thing.”

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