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Class of August 2023

The Class of August 2023 are currently in the second phase of the course, and have started working on the class boats:

The Class of August 2023 are currently in the second phase of the course, and have started working on the class boats:

14′ glued carvel Crosby catboat TRIO – Andrew

14’4″ glued clinker Welsford Walkabout lug yawl – Ginny

14′ carvel & cold moulded Riva Scoiattolo, outboard powered – Tom

20′ Looe traditional clinker diesel launch – Ben


Ailin is 17, from the Isles of Scilly. He has grown up around boats and has a love for the sea. He came to the BBA wanting to learn woodwork for a future career path. “In Scilly, the Boat Building Academy is known for being the best course for learning traditional boat building”

After the course Ailin wants to finish repairing the boat his Godfather started building then live and travel the world in it.


Before the BBA, Joe was a First mate on a 34m sailing yacht that was going through a full refit and re-power, based in Palma. He joined us to improve his skills so he can return to the super yacht industry equipped with new found knowledge and ability.


Peter came to the BBA looking for a career change. He has a love for boats and woodwork so it seemed like the perfect option. After the course, Peter wants to enter the marine industry to improve his skills further and eventually start a yard of his own.


Marie was previously a lawyer before enrolling onto the 40-week course. She decided it was time for a change as she was tired of being in front of a computer all the time and thought she’d go for something completely different.


Nick decided he needed a career break before deciding what to do next. He has always had an interest in boats and wanted to try his hand at woodwork.


After completing her GCSE’s, Honey started working at a restoration yard on the Thames. She did that for a year before enrolling onto the 40-week course. “When looking for other opportunities everyone I spoke to raved about the BBA and on paper it presented as the best option.

After the course I am aiming to return part time to the restoration yard and also look at entering the private yacht industry as crew. That being said, I am open to any opportunities that arise”


Ginny has had a lifetime interest in classic wooden boats. She built one for her son 25 years ago and thought now was the time to go back and learn how to do it properly. “The BBA also seemed like a fantastic opportunity to ease into retirement after 40 years in engineering/IT, without launching myself off the retirement precifice.

“After the course I am looking forward to a season of sailing over the coming winter”


Richard was a Mechanical Engineer before enrolling onto the the course. He decided he needed a career break before figuring out his next steps.


“I am a 43 year old woman and i’ve worked as a Liberian, Farmer and Mother. I like working with my hands and enjoy the long, slow hours it takes to craft something lovely”

Jillian wanted to build boats for a long time and decided now was the perfect time to do so. After the course she aims to be a boat builder or restorer.


Hector recently finished college and joined the BBA to enhance his hand and woodworking skills, while being surrounded by a diverse group of people. His goals after the course are to work on ‘HMS Victory’ and work on large restoration projects worldwide.


Max came to the BBA looking for new life experiences. After spending most summers on a boat without the knowledge of how to repair it, he decided now was the time to learn. His goal is to understand the complex constructions of traditional wooden boats and after the course aims to be able to work within repairs and other areas of woodwork.


“Writer, Woodsman, Charcoal burner.”

Being a local, Ben had been aware of the course for over 10 years and always thought it an interesting proposition. He felt like he needed a change from the woods and wanted to advance and diversify his practical skills.

“My goals after the course are to remain creative + creatively stimulated. To do stuff with wood, with woods and with clay too. To be element rich!”


Manning finished school and joined the Boat Building Academy to develop his practical skills and further his knowledge.


Joseph came to the BBA to develop new skills and create things he can be proud of. His aim after the course is to use what he has learnt to repair and then live on a wooden boat.


After working in insurance for 40 years Andrew retired and wanted to learn how to make something. He has always had a passion for sailing boats so the BBA seemed like the perfect fit. After the course he aims to utilise his newly acquired skills and enjoy sailing the newly built carvel catboat.


Tom left University and started working in genetics and forensic science. He left that career for the Caribbean around 7 years ago and started working as a sailing instructor. He sailed the Atlantic to return to England and enroll onto the 40-week course.

After the course Tom hopes to set up his own workshop while also working as a marine surveyor, specialising in more traditional/wooden contruction.

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