• IIMS Practical Surveying Course

    4 days

    A new 4 day residential surveying course for yacht and small craft surveyors. IIMS recognises that for some with less or limited

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  • Design Your Own Bellyboard

    2 hours

    Are you in Lyme Regis and summer is not as hot as planned? Come join us to paint your own bellyboard, which

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  • Introduction to Boat Building

    20-21 June 2024

    This introductory course looks at how boats are shaped and why, terminology, construction methods, materials, propulsion, and sails and rigs/rigging. This is a classroom-based course, but workshop walkabouts and strolls to the harbour and the gig shed mean legs are regulary stretched.

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  • GRP Repairs

    24-28 June 2024

    Start with the basics of working safely with polyester-based glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and understand the functions of components (e.g. resin, catalyst, pigments). Tackle practical hands-on activities from gel coat repairs and colour matching to larger hull repairs requiring temporary moulds and formers.

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  • Traditional Wooden Boat Building

    24-28 June 2024

    Learn and practise tool sharpening, scarfing, shaping and fitting planks, riveting and steaming. Set-up theory and lining off planks is also covered.

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  • Modern Wooden Boat Building

    1-5 July 2024

    Learn the skills for glued clinker, cold moulding, strip planking and stitch & glue boat building.

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  • Ropework

    1-2 July 2024

    Learn ropework techniques using three-strand, double and single braids. Learn whipping and make grommets, back, eye, and other useful splices.

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  • Wooden Boat Restoration

    8-12 July 2024

    Practical activities include tool sharpening, timber preparation, scarfing, gluing, removal and refitting of planks, riveting and steam bending.

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  • Modern Sail Making

    15-19 July 2024

    Design and cut shapes, machine and hand sew, and maintain sails for anything from a small dinghy to a round-the-world yacht. It may be possible to make sails for yourself, please contact us for details – there will be an extra charge for materials used.

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  • Beginner’s Woodwork (Make A Stool)

    19-21 June 2024

    A three-day course to learn or expand your skills and make a simple stool using home grown timber. Learn to sharpen and then use a variety of modern and traditional tools to shape the legs, stretchers, seat and to cut the joints, before bringing all the parts together to assemble your stool.

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  • Beginner’s Woodwork (Make A Scrumpy Box)

    23-25 July 2024

    Get into woodwork or expand your skills with this three day course that takes you through the construction of a wooden trug with a steam bent oak handle. You will discover the pleasure of working wood with hand tools and learn an array of techniques from sharpening and using hand tools to steam bending and copper riveting.

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  • Make A Paddle

    25-26 July 2024

    A two-day course allowing you to learn some new skills and hand make your own paddle using UK grown ash. Begin by choosing the blade shape which best suits your needs, before settling on a suitable length for your paddle. Next, using a variety of modern and traditional techniques you will shape and then finish the paddle ready for oiling or to take away for varnishing. Tools and materials are provided.

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  • Build A SUP Paddleboard

    2 weeks

    Spend two weeks building your own hand-crafted timber paddleboard built over an internal “fishbone” frame. The board you will make is designed for general use, it has a beginner friendly form with good stability, but is fairly quick and suitable for surfing, yoga, and fishing.

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  • Weekend Woodwork

    10-11 August 2024 (Weekend Course)

    An absolute beginner’s introduction to hand tools and materials used by furniture makers.

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  • Routing – Make a Stepstool

    12-14 August 2024

    An introduction to the safe use of routers, direction of cut, holding the workpiece, PPE and dust control. Different methods of working with a router, guided handheld, free-hand, and table mounted. .

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