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Class of March 2022

12′ Traditional clinker cat boat ‘Droleen’ dinghy – Osman Ozcanli

13’6” Ply on frame outboard powered ‘Switzer Craft Bullet’ speed boat – Cosmo Manningham-Buller

18′ Strip plank and cold moulded proa outrigger canoe – William Lewis


After leaving school Cosmo decided university wasn’t a route he wanted to pursue, wanting to learn practical skills. Growing up in Dorset; around the boat industry, he signed up to the 40-week course hoping to learn a solid understanding of boat building and related skills.

After the course he hopes to travel the UK and Europe working in many different boat yards as well as on large yacht restorations.


Jack came to the BBA after studying Furniture Design for 3 years. After the 40-week Boat Building course he hopes to go into the marine industry and hopefully one day become an independent shipwright.


After spending three years working for a London gallery, Joseph was left with the desire to design and create. Following a long-held dream of building his own boat and crossing the Atlantic from west to east as a healing journey in honour of his west African ancestry, Joseph decided to join the BBA – he is also aiming to buy a small holding and build his own house.


Mike grew up sailing on the Moray Firth in Scotland and has always loved boats of every type. With a 20-year career as a musician, the disruption of the pandemic allowed Mike time to reflect and decided it was time for a sabbatical to achieve his long-held goal to join the 40-week boat building course.


Osman is the inventor of the world’s first shape shifting sink and the founder of the bag company, Ozpack. Originally from Turkey, he is passionate about wooden boats and their history, particularly about the lost hulls and sails of the 1800’s. Once he has finished with the course, Osman wants to sail to Ireland with the boat he is commissioning , a 12 ft. traditional and rare Irish clinker cat boat designed in Bray, Ireland.


Simon joined the course to understand and reduce the gap between art and function hoping that they may meet again while doing the 40-week boat building course.


William is taking a sabbatical year after finishing corporate life to become a better boat maker and, maybe, find a new line of work.

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